Naat, Hamd and Dua Competition. July,2018.

National English Medium School & Jr. College had arranged Naat, Hamd and Dua competition for students of Std V,VI and VII on 24th July, 2018.

There were around 11 participants for Dua competition from Std V and 22 groups for Naat and Hamd competition from Std VI and VII.

School not only emphasizes on worldly knowledge but also on Deeniyat. As it is an important aspect for the development of our children.


School Election, 2018-19.

National English Medium School & Jr. College had conducted school elections on 14th July, 2018 for Best Boy, Best Girl and Team Captains.

The project once more gave Secondary pupils the chance to run and vote in their own elections.

The purpose of these events is to encourage students as fully as possible in the democratic process and to acquaint them formal voting processes.



On the Spot Elocution Competition

National English Medium School & Jr. College, Mirjoli had conducted on the spot elocution competition on Saturday 21, 2018 in the school auditorium for Std V, VI, VII and VIII

The competition was conducted in an attempt to promote English speaking skills, in terms of pronunciation, delivery and voice modulation and to develop English in its spoken form.

Students showed their interest by participating in the competition in all there were 100 participants and the completion was carried out successfully.


World Population Day, 11th of July 2018.

National English Medium School & Jr. College observed World Population Day on 11th July, 2018.

The school had provided perfect opportunity to the pupils to perform a skit wherein they could put forth their ideas the students of Std VIII participated in the skit while the students of Std VI and VII attended the programme.

The H.M of Secondary Section Mrs. Tasnim Naik Madam was extremely content to see the active participation and to hear the concern of young generation towards ‘Population Explosion’. She marked, “The purpose of conducting this activity is to spread awareness about the dire consequences of population explosion. The natural resources may deplete if there would be huge growth in population and so it is us who need to serve humanity by encouraging sustainable development through judicious use of natural resources.”




Felicitation Programme July,2018

National English Medium School & Jr. College, Mirjoli organized a programme to felicitate its meritious S.S.C and H.S.C students on July, 4th 2018.

The felicitation ceremony was attended by key functionaries including President and Vice President of Mirjoli Muslim Anjuman Mumbai, Members of Mirjoli Muslim Anjuman Mumbai, members of School & College Advisory Committee . H.M. and Supervisor of both the sections, Co-ordinator and Supervisor of College Section , Teaching & Non- Teaching Staff , Parents And students.

The programme was organized to honour the students who passed successfully, appreciate the efforts taken by teachers while also encourage other students to take their studies seriously.