NAAT AND HAMD competition was held on 16th July 2019 students from V to VIII had enthusiastically participated in the competition where they come up with groups and presented their performance. The program was judged by Maulana Muzammil Parkar, Vice president of Falahe Daarein education society’s Ali public school

The program was attended by Hm’s and supervisors of both the section, teachers and students



POSTER MAKING COMPETITION was held on 29th of June 2019. students were given 90mins. to make posters on the following topics according to their respective standards.

STD V :- 1) Visit to a zoo

2) National animal – Tiger

3) My school

STD VI :- 1) Self cleanliness

2) Children playing in rain

3) Tree plantation in my school

STD VII:- 1) Save trees

2) Sunrise or sunset

3) At the river bank

Students imagination and their vision was very well potrayed on paper through their creativity



International Science Olympiad Exam

International science Olympiad exam was conducted in the month of December 2018-19 by silver zone foundation. Below are the winners of the exam.

 Std V    Bilal Munawar Parkar                         First Rank

              Suyog Santosh Chavan                      Second Rank


Std VI–  Raad Faisal Dalwai                              Gold Medal

              Afaaf Arif Khan Sarguroh                  Second Rank

              Aatif Mansur Dalwai                           Third Rank


Std VII–  Mustafa Ab. Kadir Kacchi                       Gold Medal

             Obaid Kamaluddin Parkar                      Second Rank

             Saif Ali Ibrahim Parkar                             Third Rank


Std VIII–  Anas Kutubuddin Paloji                     First Rank

               Rumaysa Sultan Nadkar                   Second Rank

               Shifa Tafazul Khan                             Third Rank


Std X–  Kashmira Vinod Bhobaskar               Gold Medal

            Vedant Mangesh Vanjare                    Silver Medal


Science Day Celebration, 2019.

On account of Science Day. Science exhibition was conducted by Secondary Section in school premises on 28th February, 2019. Students from Std V to VIII participated for the science exhibition

Prior to which Science Project Competition was held in the school on 20th February, 2019 in the respective classes. Science teachers judged their projects & amongst them best three were selected for the Science Exhibition. The main aim behind such kind of exhibition or science fairs is to create scientific awareness among the students. The students also participated very enthusiastically with some new innovative ideas.

Chairman of School Committee Mr. Haider Dalwai, Secretary Mr. Javed Dalwai, H.M of Secondary section Mrs. Tasnim Naik , Supervisor Mrs. Farheen Wagle and teachers observed the exhibition and appreciated them.

Students also visited the exhibition and admired their friends’ efforts.

Best out of Waste Competition

           On 5th December 2018 Secondary Section had arranged “ Best out of Waste Competition” for Std V to VIII. Students participated with zeal. The H.M of Secondary Section Mrs. Tasnim Naik praised the efforts of the staff for conducting. Such competition and encouraged the students for their participation.

Marathi Essay Writing Competition,2018-19

On account of Marathi Rajya Bhasha Din,

National English Medium School and Jr. College, had conducted

Marathi Essay writing competition for students of Std V to VIII on 27th of February 2019

And the results for the competition are as follows

                 Std V Justice –         Mast. Chavan Om –             I Rank

                                                  Miss. Chile Gauri –               II Rank

Mast. Chavan Suyog-        III Rank

Std V Peace-                Miss. Dalwai Soha Samad –        I Rank

Miss. Tame Sadiya-                    II Rank

Mast. Latif Aaman –                  III Rank

Std VI Unity-               Mast. Motlani Shahid –            I Rank

Miss. Khatate Saloni     –        II Rank

Miss. Gamare Saloni –            III Rank

Std VI Honesty-         Miss. Janwalkar Nidhi –          I Rank

Mast. Ghadge Vighnesh –     II Rank

Miss. Kadam Sanvi-                III Rank

Miss. Adawade Apurva –     Consolation

Std VII Nobility-            Miss. Gangan Nidhi –         I Rank

Mast. Harshal Manoj-      II Rank

Mast. Parkar Obaid –         III Rank

Miss. Saiee Sunil –            Consolation

Std VII Liberty-            Mast. Salunkhe Sumit –           I Rank

Miss. Sayyad Shazeena –          II Rank

Mast. Vanu Farhan –                III Rank

Std VII Dignity-             Mast. Mhamunkar Satish –      I Rank

Miss. Tambe Fariha –               II Rank

Mast. Kadam Vibhas –             III Rank

Mast. Chougle Yaseen –          Consolation

Std VIII Emerald-       Mast. Nikam Sarthak –              I Rank

Miss. Khateeb Shehzeen –      II Rank

Mast. Jadhav Yuvraj –             III Rank

Miss. Kadri Shifa-               Consolation

Std VIII Ruby-           Miss. Mujawar Alisha –         I Rank

Miss. Hussaini Aqsa-            II Rank

Miss. Chile Nakshatra –        III Rank

Std- VIII Sapphire-  Miss. Janwalkar Samruddhi –          I Rank

Miss. Shrike Vaishnavi –                  II Rank

Miss. Desai Saadiya-                      III Rank


All Kokan Inter School Competition- Muslim Rulers of India Quiz

National English Medium School & Jr. College, Mirjoli ranked first in

All Kokan Inter-School Competition, Muslim Rulers of India Quiz Competition organised by Ideal Foundation, Navi Mumbai the participants were Miss. Shazeena Sayyed and Mast. Abhan Ansari from Std VII


Also, Mast. Yaseen Chougle and Mast. Obed Parkar from Std VII ranked Second in Action Song Competition.


Taluka Level Science Skit Competition

Zilla Parishad Shikshan Vibhag (Madhyamik), Ratnagiri and Panchayat Samiti Chiplun had organised

Taluka level science skit competition wherein 8 students participated as a group and backed third prize the programme was orgnasied in S.P.M School and the participants performed well in inter school competition . The theme was  health and hygiene. The script was appreciated by the judges.


Naat, Hamd and Dua Competition. July,2018.

National English Medium School & Jr. College had arranged Naat, Hamd and Dua competition for students of Std V,VI and VII on 24th July, 2018.

There were around 11 participants for Dua competition from Std V and 22 groups for Naat and Hamd competition from Std VI and VII.

School not only emphasizes on worldly knowledge but also on Deeniyat. As it is an important aspect for the development of our children.