Education came to a stand still during these challenging times, amidst the pandemic of Covid-19. Teachers, parents and students had an anxious time worrying about the academic year of their ward. The N.E.M.S team, thus focused on the matter and came up with the plan of commencing online classes considering the extreme need of it. The team worked on the curriculum to set a training process for both teachers and students to comfortably work on different platforms.

Initially with zoom and then contemplating the user friendlly and cyber suite norms of the portal, we switched to Google classroom, Google Meet and Gsuite with individual class Id’s and passwords. The most thrilling and exciting bit of the plan was everybody was working from home. ‘We worked together but stayed physically apart‘.

The whole N.E.M.S team was on digital ground , 24×7 on their mobiles, laptops, desktops and tabs to tackle all the hurdles coming our way. With complete Co-operation of the parents, teachers, students and 24×7 assistance of the management, online teaching and learning have been a success in the school right from Kindergarten to Jr. College. Parents came in to pour appreciation and good regards for all the efforts taken.

Beginning with one lecture followed by a full fledged time-table and conduction of online exams under accompanied supervision of teachers and parents, we proudly affirm that we faced the challenge with courage, teamwork and hard work ; successfully.

Team work and commitment has been at it’s peak. Connecting with each other, following all the norms, practicing the best , scrutinizing every bit and making it not just possible but possibly the best, complimented to get through the rough roads which led to beautiful destination.

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